Kjos Ministries - Further information on occult-related games for children and teens.

Refuge Ministries - The site for ex-Satanist Jeff Harshbarger's Ministry with many good articles.

CINAM - Website for Current Issues in Alternative Medicine run by Christian nurse Janice Lyons. See the Topics page for helpful articles. - Helpful site from Apologetics and Interfaith Evangelism (So. Baptist North American Mission Board) that includes information on new religions, worldviews, cults, the occult, and the New Age, as well as providing responses to misinformation on Jesus and the Bible.

Spotlight Ministries - This site has info covering cults, apologetics, the occult, the New Age,testimonies, and more

Faith of Choice - What do you believe? Check out this website which provides information on various religions and spiritual views, as well as including a Forum.

Eastern and Dualistic Religons - A comparison of Eastern, dualisitic and gnostic beliefs with Christianity

World Religions Index - This is a link to the World Religions site for Leadership U, and contains interesting personal stories as well as articles on other religions.

Let Us Reason Ministries - What about those who have never heard of Christ?

Let Us Reason Ministries - How did we get the Bible?

Leadership U. Apologetics Page -Does God exist? What about evolution and Neo-Darwinianism? These topics and others on world religions, apologetics, and other 'big' issues are covered in an extensive list of linked articles here.

Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries - From Ron Rhodes' site,both Christians and skeptics might want to check out the brief, to-the-point answers to many questions such as: Is physical healing guaranteed in the atonement? Does science disprove the miracles of the Bible? Did Jesus go to India? In what sense is Scripture inspired? And others! -- Bible Sprout is a educational Christian website focused on helping people know more about God's truth through reliance on scripture.

Watchman Fellowship, Inc. - Extensive information on cults, responding to cults, and further information on some New Age and occult topics.

Apologetics Index - Information covering an extensive area of cults, New Age and the occult. Includes many articles, links, and an alphabetical index with detailed information.

Personal Freedom Outreach - Information and articles on cults, and on aberrant and heretical teachings within the church

Apologetics Resource Center - a site offering many useful resources for responding to the culture, cults, and other beliefs

The New England Institute of Religious Research - Helpful information on recognizing cults and heresies, and offers information on heretical groups springing from Christianity, especially some lesser-known groups. In the Word Ministries - Biblical responses to some cults with good research into biblical truths. Good resources for the historical Jesus and other information that will help to respond to skeptics

For the topic of demons and Christians, see this article, "Can A Christian Be Demonized?" by Brent Grimsley and Elliot Miller.


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